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Anti-Static Perforated Foam Rolls

Protects static sensitive electronic components from static discharge.
• Pink anti-static polyethylene foam.
• Lightweight protection.
• Shock absorbing.
• Keeps products clean, non-abrasive and static free.
• Moisture resistant.
• Available non-perforated or cross perforated every 12" for easy tear off.

Anti-Static Perforated Foam Rolls image


Product Quantity Bundle price (each)
1/8" 72" x 550` Anti-Static Slit 12" Perfed 12" Foam .........(6 rolls/bundle)
Quantity: 6/Bundle
Quantity: 6/Bundle $277.56
1/8" 72" x 550` Anti-Static Slit 24" Perfed 12" Foam .........(3 rolls/bundle)
Quantity: 3/Bundle
Quantity: 3/Bundle $277.56

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