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Painter's Tape Painter's Tape

Painter's Tape is used for protecting multiple surfaces and prevent paint bleed. Painter's tape offers enough tack to stay affixed to surfaces, with no lifting, flagging, or seepage, leaving behind shrap, clean paint lines. 

Advantages of Painter's tape include:

  • Designed for painting
  • Does not pucker
  • Leaves clean lines
  • Can be left on surfaces for multiple days
  • Comes off cleanly
  • Does not peel paint when removed

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SKU: TMTT935011 Dimensions: 1 x 60 Description: 5.1 Mil - Medium Duty
Quantity: 36/Case
Quantity: 36/Case $128.43
SKU: TMTT937011 Dimensions: 2 x 60 Description: 5.1 Mil - Medium Duty
Quantity: 24/Case
Quantity: 24/Case $169.32